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D for Democratic

The Democratic Housing Corporation is a different kind of property developer. We believe everyone has the right to own a quality home and lead a healthy life with pride and individuality. We are democratizing quality home ownership and empowering people to live the lives they deserve. To that end, we have designed more than homes. We have conceived a full customer experience to make buying a tdhc home as transparent and simple as possible. These are not just words but a promise of a superior experience. Home is more than just a space you live in. We insist you love your home.

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A shift in the meaning of luxury 

We know quality construction. We know superb design. We know expert contracting. We deliver on time and as promised, but we also know that quality does not mean “one size fits all”.

We are a fresh minded real estate developer with a mission to operate in an honest and transparent way, providing best value property developments to our clients. Our developments, from inception to completion, are carefully crafted from an understanding of the changing needs, tastes and expectations of our customers. 

We lead design initiatives in sustainable approaches to housing, with successful carbon-efficient schemes already under construction; our approach supports an overall awareness of the long-term cost and benefits that sustainable residential projects can bring.


Good design is not only about aesthetics

While you may think good design means that something looks great, in truth there is much more to design than just how it looks. On top of looking good, it needs to perform. 

At tdhc our motto is ‘Design with Purpose’. We create residential developments that seek to push the creative boundaries and we firmly believe that external and internal environments should work harmoniously to achieve enduring, appropriate and ultimately successful solutions that strive to improve the quality of living spaces.

We pursue creative solutions through Thought Leadership around the design of housing and the planning of residential communities. This allows us to think as much about the people who will live in the places we design and spaces in between buildings as we do about the buildings themselves.

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We’re not just green. We’re smart too.

Our passion for new technologies that make life more simple and more comfortable burns bright. We are at the dawn of the age of “the Internet of Things,” meaning your household appliances are connected to each other and to you, 24 hours a day.

Worried you forgot the coffee maker on when you left for work? With a connected machine, you can check if it’s on in your car from your phone and turn it off while waiting in traffic. Hands too full with groceries to fumble for your front door key? Smart doors will open when you approach them.

We integrate smart home systems into all of our developments, meaning your house won’t miss out on the digital revolution.

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Respect for the environment is at the very core of who we are as a company. Lebanon’s natural beauty is perhaps its greatest asset, and we believe preservation is a national responsibility. We design our projects to conform to their surroundings, not destroy them. As the law requires, we conduct environmental impact assessments before breaking ground on any project, but we go further. We do hydrological studies to make sure a development outside of one village does not cause flooding or soil erosion in the next. We identify the various species of plants and animals on a plot of land before we start building to limit our impact and ensure our developments are non-invasive. We go above and beyond the legal requirements because for us “building green” is not an empty slogan or marketing gimmick. We care. And we put in the time and effort to prove it.


of living


tdhc builds more than homes, we build communities. Quality of life does not end at your front door. Modern amenities and space for social interactions are incorporated into each of our developments – from a tower in the city to a forested suburban neighborhood. We make sure everything you need is within reach.

We take urban planning seriously, and our projects are well integrated into their surrounding environments.

Our focus is harmony, not disruption motivated by excessive profit. When designing our first community – Bouyout Daroun – the amount of built up area fell 15 percent below what our building permit allowed for because we wanted to maximize green space in the neighborhood. This is how we operate. Your comfort is our top concern.

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The answer to your questions

At tdhc, we believe moving in to your new home should not be a time of stress and confusion; the transition should be very smooth and we spare no effort to make your experience enjoyable from the day you move in. You will not be disappointed.

Your homeowner’s manual

The Owner’s Manual covers what you need to know. It includes as-built architectural, structural and electro-mechanical drawings of your apartment. The manual gives how-to guidelines for home maintenance and use of installed appliances, systems, and processes. It is also your go-to reference on the community rules and regulations.


An extra layer of security

All homes come with a quality assurance certificate and a warranty. For the first year, we are responsible for putting right any issues caused by a failure to meet the warranty standards. Afterwards, our warranty policy includes two years of systems coverage, and ten years of structural defect coverage.

Top quality facilities management

tdhc Living is a facilities manager, and much more. As its name suggests, it is part of tdhc and shares our mission and values. We are not subcontracting the maintenance of your community to someone we do not trust. We want to preserve and increase the value of your home. For this reason, tdhc Living will be responsible for the reliable maintenance and complete facility management of the development, so you can be sure you and your family are well protected and in good hands.

Value added services a phone call away

tdhc Living is also your link to the services that come with your house like high-speed internet, IP telephony, and digital TV service. Moreover, if something in your home is not working perfectly, you do not have to call different parties and wait for repairmen who never show up. tdhc Living will even maintain your private garden if you need such assistance.